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The Association was formed in 2010, following a Slough Borough Councils “Neighbourhood Working” initiative. It was a community led campaign to improve and to support the community in solving its own problems in its own way.

We all want to be proud of our community and make it a better place to live and work. We also want to be proud of the neighbourhood we live in and have a say in making it a better place. The Neighbourhood Working project brings a new way of working more closely with residents to find out what our concerns are about:

  • where we live
  • how we would like it be improved
  • the facilities we would like in their neighbourhood
  • how we can all do things that will make a difference

The Community Association was Colnbrook’s response to this initiative and we included businesses in our membership they are a very important part of our community.

We want to make sure that we have:

  • An Increased satisfaction with our neighbourhood
  • Community involvement in making decisions about services and facilities.
  • Community influence over how funding is spent
  • More people getting involved – civic participation
  • Increased pride in our community

The Association is currently very involved, together with our partners, in setting up the Colnbrook Youth Club which now has 60 signed up members.

We have held various community events, the last being the Summer Fair and we assist in the organisation of the annual Apple Fair together with the Scouts as lead group,  together with other village groups, and local businesses.

We have also assisted residents, the police and SBC  in Anti Social Behaviour issues in various parts of our community; area cleans up’s; fund raising activities; improvements to Westfield Hall; local and national government consultations; improvements to St Thomas’ Church; gaining the SQP quality award; publishing members newsletters; and much more.

Membership for both residents and businesses is free so why not sign up now?


4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hello, I saw that this is a new thing to the area and would be opening later this year and was wondering if you were recruiting anyone at the moment? If you are I would love to hear back from you.
    Many thanks

  2. Afternoon.

    Since the closure of Colnbrook Views (without any notice or reason why) there seems to be a lack of ‘Whats Going On’ in Colnbrook.

    Yes, I have seen comments on your Facebook page (which seem to be more of a personal opinion, not of those from the residents) but your website is so out of date!

    Can you please update your site in-line with your Facebook page?

    I have also noticed that Parish Council have seem to be very quite, their Facebook page has only just started again. There was a gap of nearly 7 months without any updates, so AGAIN the residents have missed so much information. It seemed be very hush hush again!!

    I’m concerned that since the loss of Cllr. Hood, Angel and Bryant the Parish Council have lost focus of what they are meant to do!!

    And now on the website they have a locum clerk, what’s happening?

    I also have my doubts over the current Chair, who seems to be in this for their personal gain and not that of the resident’s of Colnbrook.

    Also what is happening with all the money? Reviewing the budget sheet on their website isn’t matching what they discuss in meetings It seems more money than last year, is going to be spent on Christmas lights than on the village itself. I’m not saying the the lights are worth it but Christmas comes once a year, residents safety and happiness is all year round.

    Please as a voice of the community can you please support the residents concerns and challenge the Parish Council and be a true voice for the community?

    Thank you


    • We have gone more towards Facebook as that is an easier route to residents, comments etc. We rely on the PC to publish Agenda’s, Minutes and details of what it has / is doing for our communities but sadly this has been lacking for many years. SBC has recently undertaken a Governance Review,(which we publicised via Fb), but sadly there were just 5 responses. SBC is now undertaking a postal ballot which, with a single leading question, seems designed to close the Colnbrook PC along with Wexham and Britwell. If that were to happen, there would be no Parish Councils left in Slough. If you would like to meet up to discuss your concerns, I can arrange to be available on most Saturdays after 11.00. Please email colnbrookca@live.co.uk to arrange a meeting if you are minded. Regards, Charles

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