Bad parking in Colnbrook with Poyle Parish

Inconsiderate parking becomes a key issue for Colnbrook residents



The photo that started the campaign

Following the posting on our Facebook page of a solitary picture (above) showing inconsiderate parking on the cycle path / footpath outside the Colnbrook Recreation Ground, the CCA forwarded the post and comments to Thames Valley Police seeking their advice as to how the situations may be resolved.


We also invited the Parish Council to attend a joint meeting in order to secure their support for a new initiative to combat bad parking throughout the communities. Cllr’s Bryant (Chair) Bedi (Vice-Chair) and Kinane attended for the PC, as did PCSO Florentina Chiriac for TVP, and Vicki Brenner (Chair) Charles Burke (Secretary) and Mark Scott for the CCA.

The outcome was very successful, with all parties agreeing to support a campaign to get Colnbrook to become parking friendly, but with infringements penalised when found by the police or SBC parking enforcement.


We understand that to date well over 60 penalty notices have been issued. Surprisingly many of the penalty notices were issued to people living within a reasonable walking distance of the offence.


We have already identified areas of concern as being Trent Road, Hill Rise, Brands Road, Crown Meadow, Bath Road (Recreation Ground), Vicarage Way, Budgens, Pippins School area, Coleridge Crescent and various areas on the Poyle Trading Estate.

If you have problems with inconsiderate parking in your neighbourhood please let us have full details and we will investigate.

Sgt Thomas O’Brien issued this statement earlier today;-

I can provide an update today with regards to some of the parking matters that were causing concern: the educating of drivers and ticketing of vehicles near to the Colnbrook recreation grounds / outside Budgens Store / Coleridge Crescent and Crown Meadow seems to have produced positive results with less obstructions. PCSO Chiriac is monitoring the Vicarage Way at this time for similar issues.


The CCA are working on a plan to identify problem parking areas notified by CCA Members and residents, which we intend to get community agreement on before presenting the report to Slough Borough Council, Thames Valley Police and other interested partners, so please let us know your concerns in your neighbourhood.


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