CCA’s response to SBC’s “Call for Sites” exercise

The CCA response to the SBC consultation on land use in Colnbrook with Poyle parish for the Slough Local Plan



Following discussions with a cross selection of members and other residents of the Parish we today publish our submissions to Slough Borough Council. These submissions are made following overriding principles which are important to residents. SBC may take a different view;-


1. No new development of any kind in any area already suffering from illegal air and/or noise pollution levels until such time as levels are brought into line with European and World Health Organisation regulations.

2. No flood plain areas to be designated for housing or commercial development unless planning stipulates full flood protection is incorporated into the design of such dwellings/units

3. No multi occupancy dwellings anywhere in Parish

4. Major developments of any kind to be suspended until such time as the issue of Heathrow expansion has been finally settled once and for all

Our recommendations emphasise the fact that the three areas making up the Parish, (Brands Hill, Colnbrook Village, and Poyle) are distinct and should retain their individual characters whilst taking advantage of the opportunity to retain the “rural village” character of the central area – Colnbrook Village itself. The Parish is different to much of Slough and we wish to see that difference retained and improved.


Our proposals are as follows;-

1. George Meadow to be designated as a sports field for football, cricket, and athletics etc

2. The former golf range & associated buildings – to be designated as a Multi Sports Centre and Clubhouse, with indoor and outdoor sports facilities and parking.

3. Budgens lawn to be designated as an alfresco area with responsibility for cleaning being on the shop owners. This is to enliven the village centre and encourage trade to local businesses.

4. The front of the Old George and Colnbrook Grill to be designated a an  alfresco area subject to the realignment of the paved area and subject to responsibility for cleaning being on the business owners.

5. The land on the corner of Drift Way & Rayners Close to be designated as a planted garden with seating.

6. “The Old Smithy” building next to the Star & Garter to be designated for a full time Youth Cafe,  education centre and museum. This may need to be purchased by the Parish Council under a compulsory Purchase Order (CPO).

7. The land owned by L&Q next to CVH to be designated as the site for a Youth Centre for use by the Scouts, Youth Club and local schools and other young people groups.

8. The land on the corner of A4 / Poyle Road to be designated as a new site for Pippins School if thought safe due to potential leakage from old landfill site. The current Pippins School site is the second most polluted school in England and this will move it away from the pollution derived from the M25 and Heathrow.

9. The old Biffa infill site on Sutton Lane opposite the Westfield Estate entrance to be designated as a trial bike; off road vehicle; and rough ride site.

10. The plot on the corner of A4 and Sutton Lane next to 9 above to be designated as a community relaxation area with park benches; kiddies rides etc.  (Westfield will be cut off from the rest of Colnbrook  if A4 is to become a dual carriageway)

11. The Parish Council to establish a Co-operative Housing Association to buy any dwellings that come onto the market. These would be let to key workers and local residents at below market rents.

12. That the Conservation Area be extended to run from the BP Garage to Tall Trees and include the whole of Mill Street in order to stop any further inappropriate development.



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