Cross-party group to encourage community cohesion

Published: 15 October 2014 – SBC

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A cross-party multi-faith group has been set up by councillors to encourage even more community cohesion in the town.

Slough has, for decades, welcomed residents from across the country and across the world, and in the most recent survey more than 85 percent of residents said people in Slough get on well together.

Now the group wants to build on the cohesion and tolerance Slough is known for.

The group – made up of Councillor Mohammed Sharif, Councillor Diana Coad, Councillor Sohail Munawar, Councillor Joginder Bal and Councillor Ishrat Shah – met for the first time last night (Tuesday 14 October).

They released the following statement:

“Slough is an area proud of its diversity, communities and tolerance.

“But in these times of international strife there may be those who seek to divide us, to drive a wedge between neighbours and friends.

“We are putting politics aside, creating a cross-party group to champion community cohesion and build on the strong history our town has of welcoming difference and celebrating shared humanity.

“We stand together in Slough to offer our thoughts and prayers for those affected by the atrocities taking place in Iraq and Syria.

“The actions of those who are taking the lives of people who have travelled to the region only to help its citizens are so far from the essence of any religion, including Islam; they can only be described as evil.

“As councillors from across faiths and political parties, we condemn the brutality of IS. This type of barbarism has no place in the world.

“So we call on Slough’s residents to join us and work with us in encouraging all residents to contribute to the cohesion and tolerance our town is famous for.

“Together we can all play a part.”

Over the coming months the group will be getting in touch with local community organisations including places of worship, youth groups, local residents groups, voluntary groups and more to talk about their work and how to get involved.

The group is keen to hear from any local organisation or voluntary group who would like to be involved.

People can contact the group to make arrangements by emailing or calling 01753 875088.

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