Heathrow’s proposed expansion – the Scoping Reports

Heathrow’s proposed expansion – the Scoping Reports

These are the Pre-application Scoping Reports submitted to the Secretary of State on 21st May 2018, and adopted on 29th June 2018

The application has a very long way to go yet, and is expected to be the subject of many court cases, challenges as to who will finance the proposal, and very serious issues around air and noise pollution. These documents set out the details of the planning procedures, and in Volume 2 the accompanying maps cover numerous detailed plans from road layout changes, historical sites, warehousing and new parking provisions, wildlife habitats and more.


Heathrow 3rd runway


These are not the easiest of documents to find so we seek to bring them together in an easy to access way. 


Be aware – there are around 3,000 pages in these reports!!


1.   This link goes to the National Infrastructure Planning page which shows documents lodged regarding the proposal. Click here

2. This link is to the Planning Inspectorates Opinion on the proposal. Click here

3. This is Volume 1 of the Scoping Report submitted by Heathrow – The Main Report. Click here

4. This is Volume 2 of the Scoping Report submitted by Heathrow – Figures. Click here

5. This is Volume 3 of the Scoping Report submitted by Heathrow – Appendices. Click here


There is no doubt that many communities around Heathrow will be severely affected by this proposed development, and the associated changes to flight paths. It must not be allowed to proceed for the sake of residents health!


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