Illegal Off Airport parking in Colnbrook and Langley

Slough BC take action against illegal parking sites in Colnbrook and Langley

3rd September 2017

Parking 2 Sutton Lane


Following a number of reports reaching the CCA in August, we wrote to Slough BC on 19th August, with our various Facebook articles and asked for clarification on the legality of each site.

Today we have received a detailed situation report on each site;-


Parlaunt Road – site of the Southall Horse Market

Parking 1 Sutton Lane

SITUATION; Enforcement Notice served 14 Aug 2017.  Takes Effect 14 Sept 2017. Must cease the use of the car park by 11 Nov 2017.


Langley Park Road immediately on the right over the canal bridge

Parking 3 - Langley Park Rd

SITUATION; This is within South Bucks. Case has been reported to their enforcement team. They are aware of the site.  Their reference number for the case is Ref: 17/10092/ENCU


Rear of BP garage and gentleman’s club on Colnbrook bypass

Parking 4 By pass

SITUATION; Enforcement Notice Served 1 Aug 2017. Takes effect 31 Aug 2017. Must cease use of car park by 31 Oct 2017.


Rear of the old golf range in Poyle

No photograph available at the time of posting.

SITUATION; Site recently reported to us. Owner and parking company have been written to and given until 2 September to cease the use. While the owners have stated that they are looking into the matter no action has been taken to rectify the matter. Therefore we are currently considering taking formal enforcement action to rectify the matter.


Land along the western side of Poyle Road

Parking 5 Poyle road

SITUATION; Site recently reported to us. The part of the site adjacent to the road is permitted for parking. The other parts of the site are not permitted for parking.  Owner has been instructed to remove the areas from the unauthorised area by 23 September. He has responded and said that he will ensure that the cars are removed from the unauthorised area.


Thank you to the members and friends who helped us to compile the information.


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