Notes of community groups meeting

Notes of community groups meeting publishes following Village Meeting on 16th June, 2015

Potential Heathrow Expansion – Mitigation/Compensation & SIFE

Notes of Meeting of Community Groups held at 6.30 pm on Friday 26th June

Colnbrook Village Hall


Peter Hood                                          Colnbrook  Parish Council

Raymond  Jackson                           Pippins School & Neighbourhood Action Group  NAG

Ray Angell                                          Colnbrook Village Hall Trust  CVHT

Dexter Smith                                     Conservative Ward Cllr

Jill Hood                                              Colnbrook Residents Association CRA

Jenny Gregg                                       St Thomas’ Church



Colnbrook C of E Primary School

Colnbrook Community Association



The meeting had been called as a result of two motions passed at a recent Parish Meeting.

Potential Heathrow Expansion

It was noted that the report following the Airports Commissions enquiry may be available next week. There was a wish to be prepared to press Heathrow for appropriate Mitigation and Compensation should the recommendation be that Heathrow should have a third runway.

Those that felt forced to move

It was felt that the package currently proposed by Heathrow would be inadequate.

The benchmark value of properties should be based on the highest notional valuation of any residential property in the Parish (not a backdated value which could be less than current market values).

The 25% level of compensation  was considered to be a minimum starting point to which other heads of claim should be added, including the initial list below:

Time trouble and expense of searching for an alternative property.

Emotional upset and stress through loss of contact with friends, neighbours and nearby relatives

Inevitable  price increases of properties within a 10- 30 mile radius brought on by a mass migration of thousands of people from the Parish seeking new homes all at the same time.

Fixtures and fittings for new homes.

Decoration of new home to suit personal tastes.

Assistance with house searches for those elderly or infirmed that could not cope with such a task forced on them by Heathrow.

Extra travelling expenses from any new home that is further away from work, family, friends or usual social centres.

Etc, etc other heads of claims to be identified by all community groups.

Heathrow/ Slough Borough Council  memorandum of understanding, Dexter Smith to circulate copies.

Gatwick compensation proposals - Ray Angell to circulate copies

Those that felt they would be unable to move and must stay and suffer

The following initial mitigation requirements would be required:

Acoustic treatment of all residential properties and public buildings/schools

Filtered environmentally friendly Filtered Air  Conditioning or Ventilation for all residential  properties and public buildings/schools – both capital and running costs.

Full rates rebate for the residential population of the Parish funded by Heathrow as compensation for the sacrifice of this community in the National Interest.

Extensive tree planting as an effort to help clean the atmosphere.

Free & Improved local transport to close towns such as Slough, Staines, Uxbridge. Perhaps with the use of innovative means, pods?

Etc, etc other heads of claims to be identified by all community groups.


Slough International Freight Exchange S.I.F.E.

SIFE is another serious potential threat to this community.

The question has been asked should the “Stop SIFE” campaign be resurrected.

The Parish Council strongly and successfully opposed both the earlier carnation “ London Intermodal Freight Exchange” L.I.F.E. and S.I.F.E.

However an appeal has been launched in respect of the latter.

The Parish Council have registered to speak at both the pre-enquiry and the enquiry. The view is that many in the community are unaware of this potential massive and invading development proposal and it was agreed that a leaflet drop should be considered before the enquiry date.

The leaflet will seek to inform the community and  seek responses on people’s views and any willingness to take part in peaceful demonstrations.

Ray Angell & Raymond Jackson to draft proposed leaflet/questionnaire/ notice by end of next week.

The Parish Council will be asked if they would fund production and organise distribution.

Date of next meeting: to be advised

Meeting closed at 7.30 pm.



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