Parish Council elections – Thursday 23rd November

Parish Council election announced for 23rd November!

election 2017

Due to a vacancy arising upon the death of Cllr Laxman, and a ‘demand for election’ signed by at least 10 residents there will be an election to fill the vacancy, rather than the Parish Councils preferred option of co-opting a candidate without public involvement.

Subsequent to this announcement two further vacancies arose due to the resignations of former Chair Peter Hood, and former Vice-Chair, Raymond Angel. 

Peter Hood told the Slough Observer that he resigned simply because they (the PC) were unable to co-opt a candidate in order to save money. This is strange because it transpires that the Parish Council appear to have had four candidates lined up PRIOR to the notice of vacancy being issued by SBC and therefore before residents had had any opportunity to put themselves forward under the ‘co-option’ rules. This was unacceptable behaviour by the Parish Council, but not surprising given the events of the past.


The Colnbrook Community Association has always been in favour of elections in order to fulfill the democratic process and since our formation we have sought to ensure fair elections in our community.  The simple reason for this was the undemocratic situation that existed within the Parish Council at that time whereby an existing cabal of councillors simply co-opted their willing and compliant ‘chums’ into the fold.


We do not deny that their have been some good ‘chums’ over the years; but there have also been a number of non contributors placed there to make up the numbers thereby excluding residents with a genuine concern for their community. The council was divided between the ‘cabal’ and the few residents looking to contribute but always ignored.

Currently the council is still divided and it is not only on ‘party lines’. There are current members who are not credited with their contribution to our communities; their is a senior councillor who hides under a pseudonym on ‘Colnbrook.views’ who supports Heathrow expansion contrary to the PC’s official opposition; truly independent councillors are denied access to important third party groups which are hogged by the ‘chums’; good works undertaken by these councillors are falsely denied in meetings; and the list goes on.

The Parish Council must become more inclusive by genuinely reaching out to the communities it purports to serve. No more platitudes; no more glory projects; no more contempt for fellow councillors. We have a right to a council that, as individuals, discusses our issues and requirements in an open and honest fashion, with party politics and factionalism left at the door.


“Colnbrook needs a Parish Council that can put the past behind them and look forward to, and address, the challenges faced by our three communities and the wishes of residents.”


We need an end to party politics and for this reason we cannot directly support candidates put up by the Labour or Conservative parties. We cannot support candidates who live outside our three communities as they cannot know our problems or needs.


The CCA support the two Independent candidates, Olwyn Lever and Stuart Frewer and ask you to cast your vote for them on Thursday.


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