The candidates standing to be TV’s Police and Crime Commissioner

A look at the candidates standing to be Thames Valley’s Police and Crime Commissioner

Elections for Thames Valley Police’s Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) will take place on May 5.

We profile at the candidates who have put themselves forward for the role which includes setting the strategic direction of their police force, working with partners to reduce crime, acting on public feedback and ensuring public value for money.


Laetisia Carter – Labour

District councillor for West Oxfordshire, Laetisia Carter previously worked for four years as a Thames Valley Community Liaisons Officer.

Ms Carter said: “The cuts are putting community safety, cohesion and vulnerable people at risk. I would challenge the tidal wave of cuts by central government.”

She pledges to focus on tackling complex crime such as domestic abuse, rape, child abuse and sexual exploitation, and to address the huge growth in cybercrime


John Howson – Liberal Democrats

John Howson, a county councillor for Oxfordshire, has experience of the criminal justice system having served for 22 years as a magistrate in Oxfordshire.

Mr Howson pledges to improve crime detection rates, fight for funding for victims of crime, protect funding for bobbies on the beat and PCSOs, and to listen to young people below the voting age on their views of what needs to change.


Anthony Stansfeld – Conservatives

Stansfield jpg







West Berkshire district councillor and Conservative party member Anthony Stansfeld was Thames Valley’s first PCC and is standing for re-election.

He told the Express: “Crime is at a 43 year low in the Thames Valley area, it dropped by about 50 per cent in Slough last year which is more than most places, I know that.

“We have gone from being one of the weakest forces to one of the best in the country.”

Stansfeld plans on putting more focus on cyber-crime, serious organised crime and the protection of vulnerable people and children.

He also plans on setting up an office in Slough to address this specific issue


Lea Trainer – UKIP


Slough resident Lea Trainer is a former Royal Navy mine warfare specialist and teacher of children and young adults with special needs.

He wants to work with community groups, schools and authorities to make education a part of the Thames Valley crime reduction plan and to maintain the presence of bobbies on the beat with a more bottom up structure of the police service.

He said: “It is vital that any PCC holds not only the Chief Constable to account but the government as well and this is something I will do to get the best for the people of Thames Valley.”


Now you know them it’s up to you to vote. You can’t complain afterwards!



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