The CCA response to the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee


Today we publish the CCA response to the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee consultation 

The Consultation ended on 9th November.

No response was made by Slough Borough Council or Colnbrook with Poyle Parish Council. 




Question? “How well do Government policies take into account the environmental impact of poor air quality?”

  1. The Government do not take the environmental impacts of AQ into account with sufficient weight to counterbalance the biased and ‘purchased’ opinions of highly paid lobbyists and the fake and well-funded ‘grass roots group’ controlled and funded by Heathrow Airport Limited (Back Heathrow Limited).
  2. The Heathrow Expansion fiasco is a case in point as the Government have totally ignore resident’s submissions all matters related to Air Quality.
  3. The Government have been defeated on three occasions in the High Court due to its refusal to accept that its reluctance to accept that air quality is a very serious issue for hundreds of thousands (if not millions!) of Londoners and residents of Slough, South Bucks and East Berkshire.
  4. Slough Air Quality in Colnbrook has exceeded WHO and EU limits for over ten years, yet the Government has removed them from the list of local authorities required to prepare an Air Quality Plan. This can only be an attempt to remove the very serious AQ problems around the Slough section of Heathrow Airport in the hope that residents and campaign groups will not have sufficient clout and input to get the truth across, and they will be ignored in in final decision-making process.
  5. Many previous attempts have been made over 70 years for expansion of Heathrow (the first was in 1946/7) and all have failed due to air quality issues and noise pollution. These matters are far worse today.
  6. Air Quality is a very important issue for the whole of London and the South East; and the old industrial towns around Birmingham and ‘Northern Powerhouse’.
  7. Air Quality issues must not be ignored at the expense of the health of large parts of the nation; its detrimental effects on production, health and wellbeing of our children.
  8. Ignoring AQ issues is detrimental to the NHS which will pick up the bill for treatments for bad air related illnesses.
  9. Businesses and UK Plc will pick up the bill for reduced productivity because of AQ on workers’ health.
  10. The overall economy will continue to suffer reduced performance due to health effect of AQ on productivity.
  11. Bio-fuel are being see as a way of reducing pollution. They are not as they destroy forests and therefore carbon capture.
  12. Carbon Credits are seen as a way to absolve certain industries of accepting responsibility for their actions; this is bogus all it does is ‘kick the can down the road’ and does nothing to improve AQ worldwide.
  13. The Government must join with other right-thinking nations to stop global companies dominating the AQ issues for their own benefit, and the many pollution problems faced by Planet Earth must be accepted.

November 2017

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